… and what is that even mean?

The concept of Patience or Sabr (in Arabic) is certainly a noble concept. Allah says in the Quran:

“Indeed, Allah is with the patient” (2:153).

Without a doubt, we are called to practice Sabr in our daily life.

It’s easy to say to…

Act before your mind think otherwise.

Today I want to share something that I find insightful, from the learned Mel Robins. It’s so simple that we need to start applying it daily.

Arguably, this 5 Second Rule can change our life for the better.

It’s always a battle within —…

… and help them along the way.

I remember there is a saying “Everyone is fighting their own battle, so be kind” or, something along the line. Living (or merely surviving) in this challenging period, it’s good if we can breathe, sit back and adhere to this advice; thereafter be…

The importance of Self-Love

In this current situation where they called it the ‘new normal’, people have, to this day adjusted to this kind of living. Most of us are staying at home while the rest are working as usual. Physical distancing becomes the new norm; no shaking hands let…

Thriving through trying time

It’s COVID-19. Most of the governments in the world are doing their best to minimise the risk by implementing a movement control. People are required to stay at home.

As of today, we are staying at home and it becomes the new normal. The adjustment period…

… and these are just the beginning.

Some called it the new normal. Humankind has, as of today, slowly accepting the latest scene in the world. Most of the people are working from home. …

Some unconventional activities to unstuck your soul during COVID-19’s Lockdown

This day, arguably, we have done it all.

Working from home. Checked.

Spending time with family. Checked.

Indoor exercise. Checked.

rPrayers and Meditation. Checked.

Reading. Checked.

Listening to Podcast. Checked.

Trying new recipes. Checked.

Connecting with family and friends online. Checked.

Watching Netflix. Definitely, checked.

An attempt to continue living despite what’s happening in the outside world

With the emergence of coronavirus (“COVID-19”) outbreak, most of the countries in the world have taken some countermeasures to curb the spread of the said virus, among others, the order of staying at home. …

Simple. Keep reading.

It’s everywhere.

Wash your hands. Sanitise. Keep your distance. Stay at home. These are some of the suggested measures to keep your body healthy.

Little did you know COVID-19 may impair your mental health too. Anxiety, fear, worry and the like are intruding your life. …

People believe in love; at least some of us still find it exists. It’s intangible, and we feel it when we feel it. At least, that is what believers of love told us what love is. One who experienced it knows how it feels. Words may not be able to…

Izwan Ishak

| I write from the soul. Thriving towards personal development & positivity | #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealthawareness 📧 izwan1409@gmail.com

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