What If I Don’t Have Goals In 2022?

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On 31st December 2021, I sit quietly, contemplating my goals in 2022. After some time of having quiet time with myself, I realised that I don’t have any goals for 2022. Yes. Nada.

It scares me.

Am I those who live without visions in life?

Does it make me someone who is not driven in life by not knowing what I want?

At the beginning of the year, people tend to be motivated about creating goals for the year, setting up intentions and gearing themselves towards manifesting their goals. Some go even further to sign up for classes that teach them how to achieve their goals. Manifesting dream life becomes the agenda to be achieved every year.

I don’t blame them. I admire them for taking all the necessary steps to become a better version of themselves. I used to have my goals set up at the beginning of the year too. Just that this year, I don’t feel the calling to have any.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all in for personal growth. Personal Development has been my interest since the inception of time. Every day I try to be a better version of myself.

To know where does the spark goes, I resort to meditation. I want to find the answer to why I was not ‘feeling it’ this year. Do I lose my motivation to live or stop dreaming? My inner self may have the answer.

Then it came to me.

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I’ve been diagnosed with mental illness since 2018. Every day I pray to God to heal me completely. Having faith and being hopeful keep me going in this so-called life. I am doing everything within my power to cope; seeing a psychiatrist, taking medications and practising meditation, just to name a few. I try to live, and not merely exist.

For me, I just want to live free from my invisible illness. I don’t wish for big goals or manifest big dreams in 2022. I just want to live in peace daily, without my illness appearing from time to time. Mental illness is no joke. It’s real. It’s there with me every step of the way.

If I were to live my life without such illness, that would be my best day. The day I can function as a normal human being, that would be bliss. The day I don’t have to worry about the appearance of such illness would be wonderful. That day would be the day I feel my inner peace.

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So, forgive me for not having any big dreams or goals for 2022. I am just wanting to survive each day with this mental illness within me. I know I am mentally strong and this mental illness does not define me. I will continue to live my life in 2022 to the best of my ability. I try to be present in each moment, cherishing daily what my life has to offer. I take my day, daily, without the aim of having some big dreams to be achieved at the end of the year. I practise gratitude every single day.

It doesn’t mean I don’t have visions in life for not having goals crafted at the beginning of the year. I applaud those who have. May they manifest their desired dreams in 2022. For me, suffice to survive each day, battling the invisible battle and winning.

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Someday, God will heal me completely. I have unwavering faith in HIM and HE will guide me through.

For those who are struggling with mental illness or having a mental health issue, remember, we are mentally strong despite our illness. We can make it through.

Have faith and live life, one day at a time.

All is well in our world.



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Izwan Ishak

Izwan Ishak

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